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Episode 1: Chapter 1 - The Awakening

A horrible noise interrupted Eissa's sweet dreams. Half asleep and with her eyes still closed she turned around and hit the alarm clock. It stopped ringing. Then reality suddenly hit her and she opened her eyes staring at the thing that interrupted her dreams. What was that??? Oh wait! She knew this! It is the alarm clock I got for my 9th birthday! Or was it the 10th? Wait! This wasn't right.

She looked around and found herself in a room that was not her own. It was not even in her palace. She knew every single room in her palace and this wasn't one of them. But still, this room seemed strangely familiar. She felt at home. There was her desk with her computer - rarely used for homework purposes - and above that were shelves with various comics and mangas. She liked those. Especially that manga of Sailor-V. WHAT? How could this be??? She jumped off her bed and grabbed the latest Sailor-V manga from her shelf. She had found it at a comic shop in London.

There she was: Sailor-V. Apparently she looked just like that in reality! Eissa had never seen her in person but friends of hers had. So there was this girl fighting evil in the streets of London, with a costume very similar to that of a Sailor Soldier. But wait! She remembered: Sailor-V hadn't been seen anywhere for a long time. Where was she?

"Is that why I'm here? With all these memories that are not my own?" Then she realized something else she had completely forgotten through all this confusion. She stepped backwards away from the comics, then turned around and walked towards the window. She pulled the curtains aside and stared into the sky. It was bright and blue. She had never seen a sky like that before. Well, in theory anyway. Then she closed her eyes and listened out for the voices. They were there, yes. But they were not the same. They were peaceful. And there was the one voice of her dear friend. The friend whom she had never met, but whom she had known all her life. Her voice was loud and clear as if she was standing right next to her. And now Eissa wished she was. Maybe she would help her understand.

A little while later Eissa turned around and got ready for her daily routine of her new found life.

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