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Episode 1: Chapter 2 - Musings

It took a little while for the confusion to go away but Eissa had soon befriended herself with her newfound life. She was 17 years old and in this life her name was Alice Jones. She had finished college last year but returned to learn Japanese. She loved reading mangas and always wanted to be able to read them in the original language. And an additional language could not be bad! Maybe one day she would get a job travelling around the world?

She had moved out of home to live in London and shared her flat with a girl named Catherine Brooks. Cat, as she called her, could be annoying at times but she was a really nice girl. And she knew the best places to go to! Always a help. Alice liked going out with her and she easily made friends. Her parents paid for the college course and the flat, but Alice still had a job at a local pub, in which she worked twice a week. She was good with people and customers liked her.

When she wasn't working and she wasn't at college or out with friends then she would go to her favourite comic store to look for the latest manga imports. And this is where she was going right now. So far in this life she had been a normal girl. But she wasn't. For a short while after waking up this morning she had been doubting her sanity. Had she imagined her life in the palace? The beautiful robes? The dark but beautiful asteroid she called her home? And the horrible nightmares in the most recent weeks? She hadn't. Alice knew that her gift of feeling the innermost emotions of the people around her was something special. It was not normal in this world. But she had been given this gift because she had been born as Sailor Eissa. She was Sailor Eissa, soldier of conscience, and here to fight the evil that was making the people of her home suffer. What she had to find out now was why she was here, on this Earth. And yes, checking the latest Sailor-V manga for clues was a long shot, but it was the only clue she had.

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