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Episode 2: Chapter 3

She entered her London apartment and closed the door behind herself. She let the keys slip into her bag. They briefly rattled and gave off a hollow metallic sound as they fell onto her transformation pen. She dropped her bag onto the floor and heard that same sound again, then walked a few steps towards her room, pulling off her jacket on the way and letting it fall to the ground. She knew Cat hated that. But Cat wasn't here.

She walked through the open door into her room, walked a few more steps and let herself fall onto her bed. She briefly thought about opening a window to let some fresh air in, but decided not to. She fell asleep almost instantly.

A couple of hours later her alarm clock rang, telling her that it was time to get to class. She switched it off, turned around and slept some more.

In the evening the door bell rang. She looked at the clock and realised it was almost time to get to the comic store and meet Megan. She ignored the bell, even when it rang for a second time.


When Megan got home in the early morning hours she was exhausted. But she decided not to go to bed. There was too much to do!

She sat down in front of her computer and searched the internet for any kind of strange happenings - anything that could give her a hint as to who their enemy was or what they were after. She remembered almost everything about the spirit world, and she knew she was missing something! Sailor Eissa should not have been affected by her own powers the way she had been. It didn't make any sense! Megan knew of Senshi whose powers were so great that they had a built-in kill switch or failsafe. But Sailor Eissa's power didn't warrant that. As far as she knew. Megan decided to keep an eye on that.

On another note: Most enemy attacks took the shape of battles over territory or the drainage of life energy. The foes would be looking for power or prestige. This however was a different kind of attack or these Asteroid Senshi would not have been summoned. What were they after if not energy or power? And how do you fight enemies who don't show themselves?

Her research showed that these recent events had always been started by ordinary people. None of the few witness reports mentioned anything that could have triggered the change in the victims. She figured that their next step was to find out more about the victims themselves. Did they have anything in common? Was there a chance of predicting who the next victim might be?

She needed Alice for this investigation. Her unique gift of sensing people's emotions would help tremendously! And she hated to admit it, but until they found the other senshi of their team it was up to Sailor Eissa to deal with the monsters. Ida herself couldn't do a thing to help them.


The day went by and it was dark already. Alice woke up and wasn't sure why. She was still in bed wearing the clothes from the day before. It was cold. The window was open... There! A metallic sound. She recognised that sound...

She was awake instantly. There was someone in her apartment! She looked around, trying not to move too much to not draw any attention to herself... Enough light came through the window for her to see by. There was no one in the room. The nearest weapon she could see was an unused candle holder on her bedside cabinet. She grabbed it, slowly got up from her bed and moved towards the open door and the hallway. Her heart was beating like crazy! The areas left and right to her bedroom door were too dark - Alice couldn't tell whether anyone was there. But she was sure that she could be seen and therefore tried a different approach:

"Who's there!?" She tried to sound confident. It wasn't working, and there was no anwer. Maybe the intruder had already left? Slightly more confident she demanded: "Show yourself!!"

Instinctively she took a step back into her room and increased her grip around the improvised weapon. She didn't feel any emotional presence but somehow she knew that someone was still there!

"Weak." It was a young female voice coming out of the darkness, and she sounded condescending...
"Who are you?" Alice asked carefully, not daring to lower her weapon. She believed the voice was coming from the area to the right of her room, close to the main door. Close to her hand bag. Close to her transformation pen...

Alice heard some rustling, then she saw a pair of black boots, then black worn jeans and a black coat stepping into the lit area in front of her room. The upper body including the face remained in the shadows, but Alice could hear the evil smile in her words: "See you soon."

The woman turned, whirling her coat around and walked away. Alice did not dare to move. Her hands were shaking. She stood there for a moment, before she walked over to the door and turned the lights on. She was shaken, but she did not feel that presence anymore. When her eyes had adjusted to the light, she saw that the woman was gone.

The contents of her bag was spread on the floor and Alice knew without looking that her transformation pen was gone.

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