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Profile: Alice Jones

General Personality: energetic, impulsive, has a lot of aggression inside herself.

Alice and the world - She takes her duties very seriously and doing the right thing is important to her. She cares about the big picture.

Alice and other people - The world overall is what is on her mind. She enjoys going out and is quick in making contact but out of sight is pretty much out of mind. She believes that she doesn't care about other people but that is only true as long as she is on her own. While she is with other people it is important to her that she is liked.

Alice and education - "What do we have to learn algebra for anyway?". Eissa is smart but refuses to spend her spare time doing revision or homework. Just by paying attention in class and being an active member of any good discussion in class she is still a higher than average student.

General behaviour - She can have some radical views and is not afraid to say them out loud. She is impulsive and doesn't like planning ahead. Typical expressions would be: "Just let yourself go!"; "Forget it!"; "Why should I?"; "Waste of time!"

Profile: Sailor Eissa
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