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Welcome, welcome to my favourite part of this website! I love pictures! ^_^

You'll find art by myself as well as others! I LOVE fanart! *hint, hint, nudge, nudge* If you'd like to draw one of my Sailor Senshi here are some reference pieces:

The collar does actually fade from white into their main color into black.
The top skirt is a gradient of their main color and wite.
The bottom skirt layer is just black.
The main color of the bows are of a lighter shade than the collar and skirt.
Yes they DO have back bows - I just keep forgetting to draw them!
Same color as the front bow (can be a lighter or darker shade, I'm undecided). Eternal style.
The brooch has the shape of a diamond, the belt brooch is a smaller version of that.
Their belts are eternal style, with the top one being a lighter shade than the bottom one.
On the choker is their respective Senshi Symbol which you can see at the bottom of the image.
Their tiaras are silver.


Sailor Ida

Sailor Eissa

Sailor Gastra

Sailor Keele