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Episode 1: Prologue

Ida stood on high ground seeing far into the rocky lands of her home. The distant sun was rising. This was the most beautiful time of the day and she wouldn't miss it. It gave her hope. She could hear so many souls crying out for help, but one cry was louder than any other and it made her heart ache. She held her hands in front of her chest as if to embrace her dearest friend and for a while it would help. But in the darkness of a new night that time would come when the defenses were low and new shadows would creep into her heart and the cries become louder once more.

Eissa cowered in a corner of her chamber. She was tired but tried not to fall asleep. She knew that this sleep would not bring her recovery. Where had the days gone where she was so full of energy? It was dark outside and it was very late but she knew that on a not so distant asteroid the sun was rising and soon she would feel the conscience of her dearest friend kiss her soul. Eissa knew that she could not stay awake forever. Eventually she would fall asleep and the fears and doubts would take hold of her. And when the cries were the loudest and the pain the strongest she felt a sudden burst of energy stream through her body. It was a warm feeling and it gave her the strength to carry on. She fell back into sleep but though it would not last long, it would be peaceful. Only this time when she woke up she knew that the war was soon going to begin. It had to. And she would be there to fight.

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