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Episode 1: Chapter 5 - The Asteroid Senshi

After Alice had left, Megan returned to that little room in the back of her Dad's comic store and thought about the situation at hand.
Alice had only been awakened this very morning but Megan had been awakened several weeks ago. She had been here on this Earth in this reality, aware and looking for the other Asteroid Senshi to join her. She had especially been waiting for the moment when she would meet the soul that she had been so close to in the spiritual world, and she had expected Alice to feel the same way. But Alice didn't seem to give a great deal about their connection in the spiritual world. They were strangers now. They didn't know a thing about each other and this disappointed Megan.

But they had one thing in common - they both knew that something was wrong, that something was hurting people all over the world and that they had to stop it. Alice was certainly committed. But once they had agreed to meeting here every day from now on to discuss further strategies, Alice had nothing more to say and left. No girl talk afterwards, nothing.

But Megan couldn't let this affect her. She had a mission - she had to find the other Asteroid Senshi. One found, two more to go. But there was something else...

There were eight Asteroid Senshi in total. Megan could feel the presence of all their souls, but she had only heard the call for three of them: Sailor Eissa - Senshi of Conscience, Sailor Gastra - Senshi of the Mind and Sailor Keele - Senshi of Energy. Together they defended this solar system against psychic attacks.

The other four Asteroid Senshi were the protectors of the future queen of Crystal Tokyo. They hadn't been called yet. It wasn't their time and the very fact that they were here worried Megan. But she could only deal with one problem at a time.

Sailor Eissa's soul had only been awakened in Alice this very morning. And because her connection to the spiritual world was so strong she could remember everything. That made finding her easy. But Megan had been feeling the presence of Sailor Gastra and Sailor Keele ever since she herself had been on this Earth, and the fact that they hadn't found each other yet indicated that they couldn't remember anything. They were probably still living their normal lives perfectly unaware of their destinies. Finding them would be tricky but now that Megan wasn't alone anymore she had regained confidence. It was only a matter of time. She would find them.

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