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Episode 1: Chapter 6 - The Battle Begins

Some might have thought that she had had enough excitement for the day but this was Alice and she couldn't wait to get onto the nearest dance floor! She had just got home and while she was getting dressed for the night she thought about Megan/Sailor Ida. How could someone who had protected her and given her strength over such a distance be so young? She had imagined her to be a lot older. But Megan was just a child and she talked to her like she was her mother or something! Alice realised that things weren't necessarily the way they seemed when it came to the mysterious world of the Sailor Soldiers, but she found it hard to keep an open mind.

Then her eyes fell onto that little pen, her transformation device. It was beautiful and she remembered the words that she would need to speak in order to gain her powers and be disguised as "Sailor Eissa". In a way she was curious to know what she could do with those powers and felt like trying them out right now! But she honoured her duty so she packed the pen into her little black handbag. That way it would be in reach should she actually need it. She probably wouldn't need it for a while.

She phoned some people from college and made her way to their usual meeting point. Her friends Sandra and Kate had agreed to meet up and promised to phone as many friends as they could think of! Her housemate Cat would join them later.
When Alice arrived at the Green in the middle of a big roundabout, about a dozen of people were already waiting. They started whispering and pointing fingers at Alice as she was approaching and she wondered whether a bird had dropped something onto her without her noticing. She didn't realise how attractive she looked. She was wearing a tight pink sleeveless shirt, which was partially transparent without revealing too much, tight black trousers, high-heeled boots and that elegant leather jacket blowing in the light breeze.

She greeted all her friends and soon everyone continued with their conversations. The night was still young and they intended on staying here chatting whilst waiting for more friends to arrive. Then they would go into a nightclub not far from here.

A little while later Alice sensed something very disturbing and she looked around trying to find the person it was coming from. It wasn't anyone in the group so she looked further. Just in this moment Cat turned around the corner. She looked fine and in no way unusual but Alice could feel her emotions going into overdrive. Cat was close to panic. Alice ran across the road towards her housemate as fast as she could and drawing all the attention to her once again she shouted
"Cat! What happened to you?"
The group went silent and everyone was now staring at Cat and Alice.
Cat looked confused. " What are you talking about?"
"Are you ok?" Alice asked suddenly very self-aware.
"Sure I am! What should be wrong with me?" Cat answered with a genuine smile.
At this point people in the group went back to their conversations and some were making jokes about Alice in a friendly way. But Alice could still feel the emotional roller coaster in Cat.
"It's just..." replied Alice, "you've been a little on edge lately and... well... I don't know. I'm sorry."
"I'm fine! Honestly!" and while she said these words she put her arm over Alice' shoulder and walked her over to the rest of the group.

Soon this little show had been forgotten and people started talking about going to the club. Cat had been talking to everyone like nothing was wrong at all but Alice knew better. Or were her senses betraying her? Just as she thought about letting it go and having some fun she saw Cat's eyes suddenly widening. Alice didn't react at first because she didn't want to draw the attention to her again for nothing. But soon Cat retreated away from the group and she looked like she was in pain. This time everyone noticed it and everybody was now looking at Cat. People surrounded her trying to help but Cat suddenly grew bigger. And stronger. Her skin turned dirty grey, her legs and arms grew longer and wiry and scaringly muscular. Her face was a mask of horror, her eyes gleamed red and her screams got unnatural, uglier and louder - Alice realised that this was her chance to transform without being noticed. She got her little pen out of her handbag and shouted:
"Eissa Asteroid Power! Make Up!"
In real time this transformation only took split seconds, but in her mind it was an experience that would prepare her for battle. The park and the people disappeared leaving her in endless space. Dancing lights in white and in shades of magenta surrounded her. She felt being lifted off the ground by something like a little whirl storm that was concentrated just around her. Her clothes disappeared and as she was there in her purest form she felt the power enter her body. It made her feel stronger than ever before. Her skin was glowing. Now she was enclosed by transparent ribbons and as they tightened around her body they turned into her Sailor outfit.

As she found herself back in the park people were running away from the one who they once knew as their friend Cat. Sailor Eissa looked at the thing that had taken her place. "Now what?"


It was roughly 8.30 in the evening and the sun was just setting. The evenings were still cold and yet you could see young women showing off their bare skin and cuddling up to their partners to keep warm. Hardly anyone saw the little figure, walking slowly and stopping occasionally to admire the beauty of some flowers that were glowing in the evening sunlight.

Megan Ward had told her father that she was visiting friends but the truth was that ever since her memory and powers as Sailor Ida had been awakened, she had been so occupied with her new responsibility that she had no time or energy left for her friends. They still called from time to time but most of them had given up on her.
And so it happened that she found herself walking through the streets of London all by herself, keeping warm with her winter coat, watching the lights go on as the sun set behind the tall buildings.

From time to time she would sense danger around a corner. This was a gift she had brought back from the spiritual world and it allowed her to walk through the large city without the fear of being the victim of a horrible crime one day. But things had changed. Before she had been awakened as a Sailor Soldier she had always turned away from these locations. After all she was only 14 years old. But now she had a responsibility towards the people in this world. These days she would always take a look around that corner just to be sure that it was nothing abnormal... unnatural.

Tonight the city was very quiet. It felt like the calm before a storm though nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Maybe there weren't quite as many people on the street as usual. But there seemed to be a feel of panic in the air and nobody seemed to be able to explain it. People were walking along the streets as they always did, but as they walked passed you some of them would look at you out of the corner of their eye and you wouldn't know whether it was anger, fear or pure paranoia in their eyes.

As Megan was walking along some shopping windows she suddenly felt like she was being observed. She stopped and looked at the reflections of the shop window in the hope of seeing someone without being noticed, but there was noone there. Only some people rushing home with their polished shoes and their suitcase in one hand and maybe a newspaper in the other. They were paying no attention to her at all. Then all of a sudden it happened. The event that she had been waiting for: The enemy revealed itself.

An evil presence had just appeared and she felt it's strength growing. It overwhelmed her and she leaned against the shop window. She couldn't breathe. It was like this evil thing was strangling her from a distance. But she knew it wasn't real. It was just in her mind, so she closed her eyes and attempted to control her senses. A lady stopped and asked whether she was ok. Megan just nodded and turned away. She disappeared into a little gap between two buildings and leaned against a wall. Slowly she managed to recover from the shock and just as she took the first deep breath she felt another presence awake. She recognised this soul immediately. It was Sailor Eissa.
Megan got out her transformation pen, held it up in the air and shouted "Ida Asteroid Power! Make up!"

The buildings and the noise disappeared. She found herself in endless space and blue lights and white lights were dancing around her. She was lifted off the ground, her clothes disappeared and she received the power of the Sailor Soldier. Her skin began to glow and transparent ribbons enclosed her. As they tightened around her body they transformed into her Sailor outfit.

And as she was standing there in that narrow alleyway the confusion was gone. She had full control over her senses and she knew exactly where to find Sailor Eissa.

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