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Episode 1: Chapter 4 - The Mission

The moment when she fell to her knees Alice had feared that maybe she had been the subject to some kind of mental attack. But soon the girl helped her get back up. The moment she grabbed her hands Alice felt the strength return to her body and she recognised the feeling. She quickly took the manga back from the floor. When she looked up again the girl was holding her hand in front of her waiting for Alice to shake it.

"My name is Megan." she said. Alice returned the gesture. "Mine is Alice." she replied.
"Come with me!" Megan turned around and walked towards the back of the store.
"What about this? Don't I have to pay for this?" Alice pointed at the manga in her hands.
"Don't worry about it."
A little surprised she looked at the guy behind the counter. He seemed ok with it so she followed Megan.

She led her into a little room, which seemed to have been part of the store originally. There was a desk with a computer and plenty of newspaper articles about Sailor-V were decorating the walls. Megan explained that she had things moved around in the store to create this study room. Her Dad owned the store and recently she had convinced him of creating this "study" area which people could rent to read their newly purchased comics or to surf the web. And it would be their meeting room, too.

"Please sit down!" She pointed at one of two chairs and smiled softly. Alice accepted the offer gladly. Then Megan sat down in front of her.
"I am sure you have many questions?" Megan said askingly.
"Yes I do," replied Alice, "and I am sure that you can give me all the answers!"
"Surely not all of them but I will try. You know why we are here. You have heard the cries just like I have."
"I don't hear cries. I feel the reasons for them." and for a moment Alice returned to that corner in her chamber remembering all the pain and doubts that were blowing away her senses. "Why have they gone?"
"They have not. They are just further away right now. They will return."

For a moment they stopped talking. Alice had to process this newfound knowledge. She hadn't actually thought that somehow the lurking evil had suddenly disappeared, but now she realised that she had indeed hoped for it. "And how exactly can I be of any use?" she asked not trying to hide her frustration and fear.
"You will be! Don't worry! Your powers work differently now! We are all different here. We are not the same we were."
"What do you mean?"
"Our powers are at a weakened state. The life you remember in this world is yours. It always has been. But the Sailor Soldier in you has been living in a different world on the asteroid that you have been named after. Eissa. As Alice you would say that Eissa is just a dead rock, but in the spiritual world it is your home, your palace, your sanctuary. Just like Ida is mine."
"Ida? So what is your realm? Your source of energy? And how comes you know all this and I don't?"
"I am the soldier of souls. In the spiritual world I am a guide for the living and the dead. It is hard to explain but I just know! I know that you are a good soul and I know that your true home is in the spiritual world. That is why I knew that you are one of us. I just didn't know who exactly until we touched."

"I still don't understand all this about our powers! How DO they work?"
"You are Sailor Eissa, soldier of conscience..."
"I guess you could say that..."
Megan smiled a little before she continued. She sometimes forgot that the girls often wouldn't think about their realms with words. They existed with their powers and the knowledge that there was a higher purpose to their lives, but they didn't have the same kind of understanding of the world that she had and they had probably never tried to describe their roles with words.

"You are the Soldier of conscience. In the spiritual world you feel everything that is moving the hearts of people in the world. The good and the bad. The range is endless. In the real world however most of us don't have any power at all!"
"But I do feel the people around me! And something happened when we touched!"
"These things happen. Some of us are more connected to the spiritual world than others. The reason for us having such a strong reaction to each other I think is because our realms are so closely related. This is probably also why we could touch each other even in the spiritual world.

But let me get back to the basics: In the real world you do not feel what every single being in this world is feeling. You may feel the people around you and that already is something very unusual. Much like psychics - the real ones I mean. They too are most likely Sailor Soldiers - their time simply has not come yet."

"Their time?"
"Yes, we all have a purpose in life. There are many roles and there are usually several soldiers in a group serving the same purpose.
New soldiers are born and awakened all the time all over the universe. I know that there are about 18 Sailor Soldiers on this planet at this time, including us. That is why we are here on this earth. If we are going to fight this new evil then we will need as many of them as possible to join us! But only 10 of the others have been awakened. I believe this Sailor-V may be one of them."
"I too thought that she is one of us. That is why I came here."
"I was hoping you would. But we cannot hope for the other Asteroid Soldiers to come here. They probably don't remember the spiritual world and their role in it. We need to find them."
"How do we do that? Without our powers we are just like any other person on this planet!"
"But we are not. Our powers are not lost! We can awaken them if we need to! Close your eyes."
So Alice did.

She felt that Megan was holding her hands again and then she heard her whisper.
"Feel the power inside yourself. It is there. In your heart. Reach for it. Touch it. Awaken it. Be one with it."
Suddenly Alice felt like she was floating and through her eye lids she saw that light was surrounding them. "Open your eyes!" She heard Megan say.

When she did she realised that she had not imagined it. They were indeed floating and blue lights were surrounding them dancing as if they were celebrating. Megan was wearing a Sailor suit. Alice remembered her own Sailor suit and it looked very similar to hers. The colour was the main difference. Where her own dress was magenta, Sailor Ida's was blue. While she was looking down on herself, realising that she was still wearing her everyday clothes, a bright ball of white light started to appear slowly in front of her. As Alice instinctively held her hand underneath it, a little wand appeared floating above her hand. It almost looked like a pen. The decorations were similar to ones she remembered from her home palace and her own Sailor suit and she thought it looked pretty.

"This is what you will need to regain your powers temporarily. They will not be the same as if you were in the spiritual world but they will be stronger than what you have been experiencing so far. Be careful when you take it. I don't know how strong your powers really are and it may hurt at first."
So Alice took hold of the wand and the moment she did lights were surrounding her, dancing around her and she suddenly felt powerful. And just as she felt like she was one with her powers and the world around her, the voices returned. They brought her down to earth, literally. She shielded her head with her hands as if it could keep the voices away from her. She heard Megan's voice breaking through the noise telling her that she needed to concentrate, go back to that place in her heart where all was one. She did. The voices faded but they didn't disappear entirely. She was still aware of them and all the pain and doubts she was feeling made her angry. She wanted to do something about it, fight what was causing it and suddenly she felt helpless. She looked up at Sailor Ida as she took her into her arms and she heard her whisper:
"It will be ok. We will find what is causing this and we will fight it."
Sailor Eissa didn't understand why but she believed her.

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