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Episode 2: Chapter 1

'What am I supposed to do?'

Megan sat in a visitor lounge of a hospital. Alice sat at the other end of the room, seemingly ignoring her. She had no intention of talking about what had happened tonight. They were on their own. It was outside visiting hours but a nurse had allowed them to stay, after Alice had made it clear to her that she wasn't going to leave.

They were waiting for a word from the doctors about Catherine's condition. They were taking their time. Alice got up, walked out the door and started pacing up and down the corridor.
She still seemed exhausted but her worries over her friend and her anger for the situation kept her on her feet. Megan observed her carefully through the glass walls of the lounge. Just as Alice walked past the door she mumbled: "I can't take this anymore. Where is that bloody doctor??"
Megan sank deeper into her chair as if that could deflect Alice' anger. She didn't like it when people got angry. Then finally she heard the noise of a door opening and Alice turned around shouting: "Hey! HEY! Wait!" and rushed off. Megan jumped off her seat and followed her. Two doctors had just come out of a room looking concerned, confused and relieved all at the same time. "She was lucky." Megan heard one of them say to the other before he turned his attention towards Alice.

"Are you related?" he asked with a smile while waving his colleague good night as he carried on walking.

"No," Alice replied impatiently, "I am her friend. I called her parents but they live quite far away and can't get here before morning. Can I see her? How is she?"

"Sure, go ahead!" He pointed at the door behind him, then followed his colleague.

Alice walked past him towards the door. She hesitated for a moment before opening it quietly. Megan followed her close by. The noise of a TV filled the room, though it wasn't very loud.

"Why won't it go any louder?!" they heard someone shout. As they entered the room they saw Catherine sitting on her bed pointing the TV remote at the TV in the far corner of the room. Another person was sleeping in a bed next to her. "Oh!" she looked at them with a bright smile. "Alice! Nice to see you! How are you?"

"How am I?" Alice asked completely surprised and happy to see her friend well. "The question is how are YOU!" she walked over to Catherine and embraced her carefully, fearing that she might hurt her. Megan closed the door behind her.

"I'm great! 'Quickest recovery ever' they said! They want to keep me here for the night though." Catherine seemed truly dissapointed about that and started playing around with the remote again.

"Wow, that's great." Alice was confused. She didn't know what to think about this marvellous recovery and examined her friend from head to toe. Nothing seemed wrong with her. But couldn't she remember what had happened to her?

"It won't go any louder. They do that so that the noise won't wake other patients."

Both Alice and Catherine stared at Megan, unbelieving that she had just said that, and Megan felt embarrassed. She didn't mean it to sound so rude. After the initial surprise Catherine just laughed it off. "Don't worry! They said he never wakes up. Might never!" and she kept on laughing wholeheartedly.

What was so funny about that? Megan really didn't like this girl. But Megan just had to take a look at Alice' face and see the concern in her eyes to know that something was wrong.

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