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Episode 2: Chapter 2

They stayed only a little longer until Megan felt they should leave. She wasn't feeling comfortable around this girl Cat and really couldn't imagine why Alice would call her a friend. Cat was rude, immature (though about 6 years older than Megan herself), inconsiderate and loud! But even though Cat was trying hard to be funny even Alice wasn't amused. So when Megan indicated that she wanted to leave, Alice declared that she would join her.

As they left the little hospital room and closed the door behind themselves, they could hear Cat playing around with the remote control again and yelling at the TV. Megan glanced at Alice walking next to her in the hope of seeing some sort of reaction, but there was none.

When they left the hospital they instinctively walked back along the way they had come, leading them to the restaurant where the beast - Catherine - had smashed the tables and chairs. They didn't say a word, each of them being caught up in their own thoughts.
Megan wanted to know what Alice was thinking, but was scared to ask. Hopefully she would tell her when she was ready.

Alice didn't feel like talking. The girl inside that hospital room was not her friend. She had her memories, she looked like her but she was a stranger. Alice wanted her friend back, but didn't know what to do. She was scared, angry and frustrated for being so helpless! And she felt that if she was forced to talk about it she would explode! Or cry. And she certainly didn't want to cry.

It was about 3am when they turned the last corner and the restaurant came into sight. It was closed and the outside area had been tidied up. Yet there were people standing there looking at the site. Maybe they had heard that something had happened earlier and came to satisfy their curiosity.

There was a young couple standing hand in hand and Alice recognised the girl from her earlier college days. They soon walked away, but there was another girl standing nearby and she wasn't moving. She just stood still in front of the restaurant staring at the very place where Catherine had collapsed...

The girl had long straight blond hair - probably bleached, Alice thought - and her clothing was all... dark. Weird in a way that there seemed to be pieces of it waving in the breeze. Instinctively Alice put her hand into her bag to ready her transformation pen. Something just felt wrong with that girl! She looked at Megan walking next to her and saw that she, too, looked a little creeped out. Neither one of them had ever seen this girl before.
Alice moved closer to Megan without losing sight of the girl: "Enemy?"

They were still at quite a distance and Alice was whispering, but the girl seemed to have heard. She turned her head, slowly, looked at them for a brief moment, then lowered her head - her hair falling down to hide her face, but not before Alice and Megan saw her eerie pale eyes... She walked away with large confident steps - her movements almost looking masculine.

"Who was that?!" Alice asked without expecting an answer from Megan. They rushed towards the restaurant, wanting to follow the girl, but she had disappeared.

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