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Profile: Megan Ward

General Personality: quiet, thoughtful, caring, romantic

Megan and the world - She tends to focus on the problem at hand. She loves the world as it is with all it's good and bad because she believes that without pain we would not be able to enjoy the good times as we should. The world is more important than the individual.

Megan and other people - She cares for other people more than about herself. She is a very private person and doesn't draw attention to herself, but at the same times she longs for their respect and appreciation. When people first talk to her they often back off realising very quickly that it would be hard to relax around her. She seems to put a meaning to everything they say. It almost feels like she is analysing them while they are talking, and she probably is.

If she sees someone suffer she will not walk by but try to help even if it is just by talking. However, she has had to learn that not everyone wants to talk about their problems. She can be very insensitive and hurt people's feelings without even realising it. She just has too much on her mind and forgets the little things.

General behaviour - She does her homework and generally what is expected of her. She sometimes finds it hard to openly disagree with people though she is able to be part of a good and productive discussion. She will back off though as soon as it gets personal.

Profile: Sailor Ida
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