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Sailor Ida - Stats

First Name: Megan
Analysis: check here
Last Name: Ward (as in 'protector', 'guardian')
Nickname: Meg (though she doesn't like it)
Age: 14 (two years younger than the inner senshi)
Birthday: 29/September
Sun Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Fav. Food: Cucumber
Least-Fav. Food: rice
Fav. Subject: History
Least Fav. Subject: Chemistry
Fav. Color(s): sky-blue
Gemstone: Amethyst
Height: 162 cm
Hair: black, worn in a bun at bottom of her head
Eyes: blue
Skin: white
Nationality: English
Physical looks: not very tall (still growing), average built, good looking but nothing too special.
Hobbies: going for a walk, watching the sun rise and set, reading books
Favourite movie/book genre: romance
strengths: diplomatic and mentally strong when it counts, attentive, psychic ability - senses extremely good or bad intend in a person, but without details.
weaknesses: indecisive, shy, worries too much, at times incensitive towards other people's feelings.
Dreams/Goals/Desires: make the people around her happy and have people appreciate her

Profile: Sailor Ida
Profile: Megan Ward
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