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Sailor Eissa: History

Spiritual World - Sailor Eissa has had the ability to feel the emotions of all the people in the universe for as long as she can remember. This has felt natural to her. And she has had a special connection to one person very close to her - probably in the same asteroid belt as her. A short while ago (in our time this may have been weeks or months) the feelings of the people changed. More and more people were taken over by doubt and fear and all the negative emotions one can have. Even through all the masses Eissa could feel them falling into confusion and even insanity one by one. After a while these negative emotions became too much to handle even for Sailor Eissa and only the mental support from her friend in the asteroid belt helped her not to fall into insanity herself.

Real World - Alice finished her college courses in June last year. With the little money she earned during the summer holidays and the financial help from her parents she moved to London in September. She visits a course in Japanese and only having three lessons per week and a part time job she has had a taste of real life. She shares a flat with a girl named Catherine Brooks who she knows from her hometown. Her younger brother Jason still lives at home with their parents and she visits them once a month.

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