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Sailor Eissa: Stats

First Name: Alice
Analysis: check here
Last Name: Jones
Nickname: Allie
Age: 17 (one year older than the inner Senshi)
Birthday: 18/April
Sun Sign: Aries
Blood Type: O
Fav. Food: pizza
Least-Fav. Food: asparagus
Fav. Subject: Physics
Non-Fav. Subject: English
Fav. Color(s): purple
Gemstone: Quartz
Height: 173 cm
Hair: dark magenta, medium length, worn like Setsuna except has no fringe. Instead two strands are falling down either side of her face.
Eyes: purple
Skin: white
Nationality: English
Physical looks: tall, slim, muscular, strong, still very elegant and feminine!
Very charismatic. The kind that makes people turn around to take a second look, though she isn't aware of it.
Hobbies: horse riding, biking through London, sqash, watching movies in the cinema, clubbing.
Favourite movie/book genre: Ski-Fi, Horror (she finds them quite amusing)
strengths: good health, fit, honest, psychic ability - senses confusion, conflict, good and bad feelings in people
weaknesses: impatience, unreliable when it comes to things like punctuality, forgets other people's birthdays and doesn't really give a damn about them anyway.
Dreams: Live in a world of peace and harmony where she can go about her business and see no suffering.

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